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What does it mean?
Energologia is the summary of all those energetic qualities, which are helping Mother Earth: 
We use the energy of thoughts and meditation.
Let's charge together the LOVENET, which is surrounding our globe with love!

Our Mission
The time has come! If you feel the call, please help!
Let’s gather in few month the 144000 people.
The meditation is happening every day in the same time for 10 minutes:
Middle European time 21:12 - 21:22
Please  listen to the „Calling Voice”!
We were born to help...
Let’s embrace Mather Earth for 10 minutes every evening together!

I’m calling You
There are many groups meditating for our Globe for years already. I’m calling you with love to unite! Let’s meditate together. That’s the reason this website was created and started it’s journey around the World. Now it has arrived to You...
New Human consciousness
At least 144.000 peoples meditation will helping the new Earth protecting
consciousness to come alive.
We all are living on this planet

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